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From: Mark F
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 6:09 PM
Subject: stem cell treatment

Hi Analytical Stem Cell,

Thank you for all that you have done for me! MY wife Lisa and myself  went to Trinidad for stem cell treatment, I had my treatment 7-24-2012. Every one at the clinic was so nice to Lisa and myself. Dr Kelly spent so much time with us that we felt like family. I wish the Doctor’s in the USA could be more like Dr Kelly!

Josiane is the best nurse that I have worked with. I went to physical therapy today (8-6-2012) and I walked with the walker 269′ that is a new record! I am starting to move my bowels with out help. I am starting to fell better. I take 3 to 4 Pain pills a day. Before stem cell treatment I would take 18 to 20 pain pills a day, and I was still in pain. The bloating in my stomach is down 2″.  My feet move more every day.

I can’t wait to walk without the walker.

Mark F.

From: Kathy H
Date: Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Hello from South Carolina

Hello Analytical Stem Cell!

I arrived home safely, and I want to tell you about my improvement.

First of all, I COMPLETELY FORGOT to tell you in the medical history time that two times in the last 3 months my intestines have bled. I have had that checked by my doctor who ruled out other more serious matters. The bleeding was not in the large intestine and was not from hemorrhoids. Both times I had taken Betaine/Pepsin and had not eaten much in days. The acid caused the bleeding. My digestive system was always stopped – never moved on its on until it was absolutely forced to.

This morning I woke to rumblings in my stomach from my bowels moving! What an odd experience and one that has been happening ever since I received the neurotherapy. I have had regular movements each day and am extremely excited to know that my digestive tract is acting as it should! It wasn’t this good when I had my former stem cell treatments! I am excited to know that I will have some experience with this improvement before I get your stem cell treatment!!!!

Also, I woke this morning with restful, restorative sleep — a feeling I had long forgotten. What wonderful improvements as well as much, much less pain in my body. I feel like exercising and getting myself in a better place for the stem cells.

Thank you again for your wonderful care, concern, prayers, and medical treatments. You have a beautiful gift for practicing medicine, and I am glad you are in this field and will make a HUGE difference in many people’s lives. I will never forget your loving, caring treatment of me and understanding. I thank God for you and your work.  You helped me to heal in far greater ways than any other treatment or doctor I have seen in 28 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please feel free to forward this email on to anyone you wish as long as they see the WHOLE email – not cut/paste the medical part!  🙂

A big hug,

Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 2:25 AM
Subject: Hello from Los Angeles….

Dear Stemcell Team,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful care and hospitality at your facility.
I feel good, but I was feeling good before. I have only small stiffness and  normal aging all over my body.
I am sure the treatments and the follow up suggestions are giving me continue energy and sustaining my good health.

Spending time with you was  the highlight of the treatment!  You are an amazing ensemble of incredible human beings – That itself was worth the trip!
Seriously, you all are working from the heart and it has great healing effect! I would love to bottle and transport All of you here.

Thank you again!

Warmest regards and if you are in LA do not forget to call me!

Much Love
Eva N., Los Angeles CA

Mar 26, 2012

Hi Everyone!
This is Lisa and I hope that Angie is getting this message. I am back home in California and miss seeing all of your beautiful faces. I want to thank you for your kind and warm care from all of you. It has been 6 days and I already have seen improvement! You have no idea what a God send this has been to me. Everyday gets a bit better. After reading the testimony from Gaby at the bottom of the testimony page, I feel so optimistic because she describes exactly how I felt and to hear that she just kept feeling better is very uplifting. I go back to teaching ballet this afternoon so I’ll let you know how that goes. Today, I can bend, put on my shoes, walk without the terrible pain that I have had for so long- so very grateful to you…
Much love,
Lisa C. California






Jul 30, 2011

My experience with Analytical Stem Cell

I went for severe osteoarthritis in my right hip that made me use a walker and cane. It was so bad that a hip replacement was ordered here by the Canadian surgeon in the hospital. My back for years gave me a lot of problems, especially the lower back that tensed up so badly that I only could walk for a little while. I am in chiropractic care 20 years, more – nearly every week – for the last 4 years. My right knee because of the awkward walk was affected, and I had signs of initial osteoarthritis in my left hip also. I had edema in my legs, especially the right one, which caused me great concern and I am wearing supporting stockings since 5 years now. Everything to do with movements was highly restricted.  Well, and being 68 also makes your internal workings a bit rusty.

When I went to ASC (Analytical Stem Cell) I received stem cell injections (one time) in both hips and my spine. Additionally I received Growth Factor injections three times to support the stem cells, plus 6 times Neural Therapy to support the development of the Stem Cells. Additionally I had daily high dosages f Vitamin C injections and Lymphatic Drainage. No pharmaceutical products have been used, everything naturopathic  –  which was extremely important to me. The stem cells as well as the Growth Factors were derived from my own blood  –  so no foreign cells in my body at all. I am still totally myself.

Now, 2 weeks later: I feel inside like a new person – the old machine has been oiled. Although the stem cells are traveling first to the parts of the body that need healing, they still distribute themselves throughout the body and have an overall rejuvenating effect. My skin and face look 10 years younger. The edema in my legs have nearly vanished, my back is 60 % better and I even have some pain-free days. No pain in knees of my left hip. My very bad right hip is still in recovery and only 20 % better at the moment. However, I was told from the beginning that the recovery time and growth period of the stem cells takes up to 6 months and real signs of improvements should be expected after 2 months.

Well, I feel improved already, I can tell you – and rejuvenated. I have to stay at least 4 weeks on a special diet that keeps the blood clean with food that supports the stem cells and have to do physiotherapy and exercises. I got all the info when I left the clinic.

I am convinced that after two months my hip will have improved majorly, especially as I talked to another patient in the clinic who had the same affliction of osteoarthritis as I did a year ago and now walks great – an hour a day and full range of movements. He also was supposed to have a hip replacement and he took the stem cell alternative. He noticed the first signs of improvement 3 months after the injection and after 6 months he was 80 % recovered. That is most of the recovery you can receive with an operation. I was impressed and that gave me a lot of hope and confidence.

It is different to hear the positive prognosis from a doctor than to really meet a patient who lived through it and got results. He was back for another round not because he needed it, but he wanted it for further improvement of his overall and rejuvenating health and now wants to be 100 %. The man was around 50 years of age.

What impressed me further was the conversation with a couple from New York where the wife came for cancer treatment (second time) as the first time was so successful. And a young man whose right leg a year ago had no feeling and no muscles and was about to be amputated for a prothesis. After the stem cell treatment 3 months later he got his first feeling back in his leg, after 6 months he slowly started to walk and with physiotherapy now after a year you can barely notice any difference in his walk at all. He got saved from amputation!!!  His mother was ecstatic – and naturally he himself. They came back to correct a very slight limp (I barely noticed it) and for overall health support.

As it is a natural procedure, every person responds differently. Many patients supposedly only come one time, some come back because their recovery is “only” 75-80 % and now they want to be 100 % or just for general health and rejuvenation. Most people that arrive are really desperate – as I was kind of as I absolutely wanted to avoid the operation and possible second operation later on on the right hip and may be continuous cortisone injections in the lower spine.

I also was impressed with an old gentleman and old lady – looking like  150 years old arriving with a nurse and their oxygen tank. I really asked myself what possibly could be done with them as they appeared to be the living dead. Lo and behold, three days later they rolled in the treatment room for their Vitamin C injections with rosy cheeks, waving their hands and even a bit chatty. I thought I was in Sai Baba’s ashram and witnessed a miraculous healing. Quite impressive!!!

Talking to patients and the clinic personal staff I heard that they have tremendous success with neurological disorders (i.e. MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson etc.), general rejuvenation, cancer and can address pretty well all diseases. The most difficult cures are osteoarthritis (my problem) and diabetes in its advanced stage. Although in both cases there are always major improvements, but not always full healing, depending on the constitution of the patient, their mental outlook and the advanced stage of the illness. Not being a sourpuss and having a positive attitude also helps.

What I personally liked a lot was that the doctors were all readily available whenever you wanted to talk to them. They have 30 trained personnel in the clinic and the physicians are all specialists in stem cell therapy and related illnesses, i.e. oncologist, osteopath etc. The nurses were caring and there was no rushing around. You had the time and care you wanted. Coming here from the Canadian health facilitators and clinics that was such a great experience and relieve. If you get 15 minutes with any healthcare practitioner here, you are lucky. OHIP only pays them for 10 Minutes per patient.

So, thats my experience so far. I know my hip is “in progress”, but only the results I have experienced so far made it worth the trip and the treatment. It can be quite addictive as you can rejuvenate yourself constantly. No, I don’t want to be in my teens  –  but being able to walk properly and pain free would be super. And I don’t mind having less wrinkles without getting poison like Botox in my body and having plastic surgery. The clinic also performs  special facial treatments with the Growth Factor injections which stimulate your own collagen production which improves wrinkles and sagging skin in a natural way. Lots of people just come for that. Well, you don’t find a wrinkled face of any personnel in the clinic. And by the way: all the doctors are pretty young – up to 36 – and versed in the newest health technologies. I personally like that.

Any more questions I am here to help. Give Analytical Stem Cell a call or let me know how to connect. You really have to know more about their treatments for you and Gerti still. No time of giving up.

Big Hug

Gaby M
Toronto, Canada

Feb. 02, 2012

Dear Analytical Stem Cell,

I received my stem cell extraction procedure on November 17th, 2011.   My first stem cell treatment with specific injections occurred on November 18th, and the PRP with specific injections occurred on November 28th, 2011.  Thus, about two and one half months have passed since the start of my treatment, and two months from the completion of my treatment.

My diet is an all-natural, mostly organic vegetarian diet with grains and green salads.  For animal protein I have been eating wild caught fish.   Some of it is fresh, but the rest is canned.  I know that canned fish is prohibited on your diet plan, but that is what I had available.  In addition I am taking organic green drinks made from a variety of green juice powders including spirulina and chlorella, plus many other ingredients. (Paradise Orac-Energy Greens)  When I desire sweets, I ensure that they contain either maple syrup, cane sugar, raw honey or coconut sugar.

I have had some noticeable improvements since completing my treatment.   The first thing I noticed upon returning was that my physical energy was increased.  I had been power-walking a four mile stretch in about an hour as a regular routine.  Previously during my power walks I had tried to do a bit of running but could not run very far without having to stop from lack of breath.  After the stem cell treatment, I was able to run further than before, increasing my distance for each run by about 40-50%.

Following the treatment, my facial lines appear to be reduced but my neck skin is still loose.   Some days are better than others.   On the whole my face looks better but still needs improvement.  I am also getting a lot of rest.

One major problem area for me has been my left neck and shoulder area.   I believe this began in my high school years when I was playing the violin with the New York All City Youth Orchestra.  I did not use a chin rest but had to squeeze hard with my left shoulder.   I practiced my violin many hours each day.   My body was still developing during those years.  For years I had been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments, but these have not worked as well as the stem cell therapy.  Since my treatment at your clinic, I have had a great relief from the chronic tension in this area.  I credit the neuro-therapy with Josie and the stem cell injections by Dr. Maria for this improvement.  However, I feel the old tension slowly coming back in my shoulder so I will follow up with acupuncture treatments here.

To supplement the stem cells which I received at the clinic, I am also taking MFIII anti-aging placenta cell therapy www.ns-mart.com capsules twice a day starting one month after my return from Ecuador.

No doubt there are internal improvements in my body which are not visible to the eye, but will be appreciated as I age gracefully.  I am very grateful to you and the staff of the stem cell clinic for the excellent treatment I received.

Yours sincerely,
Dora G., Canada