Analytical Stem Cell

The Analytical Stem Cell is an international medical travel facilitator company based in the US.  Our goal is to have satisfied and happy medical tourists.

Medical Tourism: What is it exactly?  
The term medical tourism describes the act of traveling overseas for medical treatments. Medical treatments overseas may be less expensive than their North American counter parts yet can provide the same safety and results as those achieved in North America.  Health tourism, medical outsourcing, health travel or medical travel are also terms used to describe this phenomenon. Depending upon your needs, medical trips are made to surgical centers, hospitals and clinics overseas for medical, dental and surgical care.

Autologous stem cell treatments, advanced medical diagnostics, plastic surgery and cancer treatments are all examples of medical therapies offered overseas. The medical tourist typically chooses to have the procedure done overseas to:

•    save money on medical costs

•    avoid the long wait for medical services in their own home country

•    get better quality medical care or diagnostic services

•    protect their privacy

Some medical tourists kill two birds with one stone by combining a relaxing vacation with the medical procedure!  For most, though, the medical procedure is of primary importance.
The future of medical tourism is very bright with some countries registering about 30% annual growth in tourism related specifically to medical healthcare. Most medical tourists come from the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East. Medical tourism is definitely a part of the next level of globalization.

Modern Clinics Overseas & Top Physicians

Analytical Stem Cell works with some of the best clinics to get you affordable and quality medical care. Analytical Stem Cell suggested clinics are now offering Bioheart therapies and protocols. Bioheart is a regenerative medicine company that has been treating patients in FDA approved clinical trials since 2001. They have a variety of products including Myocell (muscle derived stem cells), Lipicell (adipose derived stem cells), Myocath (catheter used to deliver cells directly into the heart),and more.
All of Bioheart products are produced according to FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations. In addition, all processes and products have been properly validated according to repeatability and robustness.